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Quarantine Jam

So several events we were really looking forward to are cancelled due to the pandemic we’re all dealing with now. A bunch of us felt that it was appropriate to come up with something to do while we hide out in our apartment, to get creative together (over link) and make some games.
The theme landed on “My Corona”, accompanied by “My Sharona” by The Knack. We all pitched some ideas and I landed in a group where we will aim to build a multiplayer PvP, FPS game featuring toilet paper as the main tool of the player. We have yet to decide on many details, but it’s a start.

General Idea of 2.0

So me and a friend have been doing some small tests, experiments and builds for the next version of the RAGE arcade gun. I’d like to present the general idea of the new gun and what features I would like for it.

simple_sketch copy

The general idea is to stick a bunch of stuff to a rigid stick whereof the most important things are a holder for a Vive controller and a electrical recoil system. To add a bit of functional spice to it I also want to add a cooling system. The recoil system will heat up, and from what I learnt during the tests of the last version, spray cooling is cool in many ways. 2.0 will feature a built in spray cooling system.
My initial approach to this was to look for existing 3d-print models of automatic spray can pushers. That’s how discovered the automatic air freshener, a machine that pushes a spray can with a perfume to advert odor in a room. I bought one yesterday and managed to hack it somewhat.

Will present the recoil system next.

IMU Testing

This evening I did a little testing of IMUs (inertial measurements unit). Reason being is that I would like to explore the possibility of giving the chair it’s separate rotation from the HMD. Imagine that you want to look behind you to see if someone is cathcing up, that’s the kind of experience I’d like to facilitate for. Unfortunately, the rotation of the head is also the rotation of the horse in the current version. since the only IMU present is the one in the phone.
I got some great help from my good friend and colleague Gunnar (who is somehow both the best and the worst).

The G man have, literally, a box of IMUs always in handy. So I tried two, first MPU 9250 which relies on external code to do sensor fusion with its sensors. Didn’t really work for me, didn’t even say “hi”. So I was hooked up with the lovely BNO 055 with onboard sensor fusion. Easy piecy, locked and loaded. It is a bit tough to get a micro controller to converse with Unity, and in particular to a phone using Unity via pure, serial communication. So I’m doing a little hack around that, emulating a keyboard with the micro controller.


Finally, a little video of it sort of working. Looking forward to see whether it will make one completely nauseous when it turns the VR world.

Update for Automat!

It’s happening! Automat 2017, the indie arcade fest of greatness! I’ve been given the honor to help out in the planning, meanwhile I’ll try to push for a version two of both my arcade gun, RAGE, and the chair-based game Enbarr mac Lir. Me and a friend who also co-built Enbarr will be looking into prepping these game for something a bit more elaborate than a 10 year old school experiment and a 2-day jam result. Looking forward!

Automat is an experimental video game party from Gothenburg. We love games and want to share that love with as many as possible.

14th place out of 34

So the fantasy console jam is over at and Un-ion managed to climb halfway to the top with in-jam votes. Not that bad, considering it was my first P8-game and I did not at all expect the competition to get so stiff judging the initial submission (leading to me being a bit relaxed : P). People seem to have expected more from the game due to its, maybe a bit pretantious, opening which only led to a small, score-based shooting game with a single stage. I could easily have added a lot if I had dedicated to it within the time limitation, but but, I’m happy. 🙂
Looking forward to maybe add some more to Un-ion and new games with the super fun P8 environment.

Finally, a Pico-8 game!

You awaken as the AI of an ancient, orbital ion cannon. The distress call from someone on the planet’s surface has reached you, but will it lead to their salvation or doom?

This is my submission for the Fantasy Console Game Jam (#fc_jam) which took place during July 2017. I got to know about it from my local gamedev community and decided to try out the game engine, game editor and fantasy console Pico-8 which I’ve heard and seen much good about and from for a while now. Was a pretty fun experience, and it’s not a bad tool if you want to prototype game ideas with some serious design limitations to avoid getting stuck with feature creeping and over designing. Having all code in one single file and writing inside and editor which is 128 pixels wide did get kind of annoying after a while though, I’m not a huge lua fan neither.

The jam theme was union, I choose to play with the word and interpret it as “un-ion”, whereafter I made a top-down shooter game where the player controlls an ion-cannon with artillery style gameplay. I did not spend loads of time on balanced gameplay but instead left the purpose of the player a bit vague, as one can choose to shoot the innocent civilians or the attacking robots, returning a bit to the theme.


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Slappy of NMS 2017

In your years of adolescence, you discovered a natural talent for le arte d’ lavette (slapping). It’s been twenty years and your clube d’ sanwiss (BDSM club) is doing better than ever. That is great since your skills are needed now more than ever.

Alien slugs, also known as slapkin, are on the rise and you must step up and become a slap king. To keep the slugs satisfied and occupied, you must provide them some good slapping. That is the only way to save the world.

Will the peace last or is the challenge of your life just around the corner?


Zezard (code, game design, voice acting)

Lumianna (game design, code)

Andeye (3D models)

Martin Mathiesen Kvale (sound editing and recording)

Defkit soft body physics by Dr Korzen from Unity Asset Store

Grumble AMP by Grumble Labs from Unity Asset Store (music)

Faceslap by jmmcdona04 @ (sound effects)

23. slaps.wav by bthtrad2000 @ (sound effects)

View at

Some small updates

A lot of stuff has been going on, preventing me from dedicating much time into Fagerman. Dedication is needed to make real progress at this point, so that’s a shame. But hej, I’m still trying. : )



Above you can see some of the base work for the Antiman stage (a tower rising into space) and the Psychoman stage (a spooky mental sanatorium which blinks in and out of reality and a fantasy land). Below are some tiles for the ice of the Vikingman stage.


Pushing hard to put more time into this project now, I’ll keep updating and make things happen!

Lir at GDL

So there is this event called Game Developer’s Lounge here in Gothenburg which is organized by various local actors in the industry. I attended one and brought the chairs today hoping to get at least some to try it out. The interest beat my expectations and I got the opportunity to record a lot of great footage. I have compiled it into a little video which can be seen here. : )

On another note, the event was held near were I have the chairs (well, my job has them really) so I transported them using an electric cargo bike. Sadly some of the chairs took a bit of a beating in the progress, but all in all it was at least… interesting. I was also under time preassure, because I was supposed to attend a family dinner, but I made it, yohoo! : )