A mobile VR where several players engage in competitive multiplayer racing. You are the mac Lirs, children of the sea. You must ride you mighty oceanic beasts (IKEA office chairs) to claim your birthright. Inspiration for the name comes from the Irish god Manannan mac Lir.

IMU Testing

This evening I did a little testing of IMUs (inertial measurements unit). Reason being is that I would like to explore the possibility of giving the chair it’s separate rotation from the HMD. Imagine that you want to look behind you to see if someone is cathcing up, that’s the kind of experience I’d like to facilitate for. Unfortunately, the rotation of the head is also the rotation of the horse in the current version. since the only IMU present is the one in the phone.
I got some great help from my good friend and colleague Gunnar (who is somehow both the best and the worst).

The G man have, literally, a box of IMUs always in handy. So I tried two, first MPU 9250 which relies on external code to do sensor fusion with its sensors. Didn’t really work for me, didn’t even say “hi”. So I was hooked up with the lovely BNO 055 with onboard sensor fusion. Easy piecy, locked and loaded. It is a bit tough to get a micro controller to converse with Unity, and in particular to a phone using Unity via pure, serial communication. So I’m doing a little hack around that, emulating a keyboard with the micro controller.


Finally, a little video of it sort of working. Looking forward to see whether it will make one completely nauseous when it turns the VR world.

Update for Automat!

It’s happening! Automat 2017, the indie arcade fest of greatness! I’ve been given the honor to help out in the planning, meanwhile I’ll try to push for a version two of both my arcade gun, RAGE, and the chair-based game Enbarr mac Lir. Me and a friend who also co-built Enbarr will be looking into prepping these game for something a bit more elaborate than a 10 year old school experiment and a 2-day jam result. Looking forward!

Automat is an experimental video game party from Gothenburg. We love games and want to share that love with as many as possible.

Lir at GDL

So there is this event called Game Developer’s Lounge here in Gothenburg which is organized by various local actors in the industry. I attended one and brought the chairs today hoping to get at least some to try it out. The interest beat my expectations and I got the opportunity to record a lot of great footage. I have compiled it into a little video which can be seen here. : )

On another note, the event was held near were I have the chairs (well, my job has them really) so I transported them using an electric cargo bike. Sadly some of the chairs took a bit of a beating in the progress, but all in all it was at least… interesting. I was also under time preassure, because I was supposed to attend a family dinner, but I made it, yohoo! : )

GDL: http://gamedeveloperslounge.com/

GGJ 2017

As I have done for the last six something years, I attended the global game jam this January. In what’s gradually becoming a trend I also made a pretty weird and setup-heavy game. This time I had the honor of working together with my good friend Erik who is a game developer at the local amusement park, Liseberg. Together we repuposed some IKEA office chairs into VR arcade game stations. My girlfriend also contributed with some awesome horse models. : )

The game submission can be found on the official GGJ site here:

The Race is On!

I shot a video of the first race with external users. It was fun to see how they each took on their own unique style to riding the chair and also to see how the game barley held together. The victor (it was not super evident due to several bugs : P) won a golden (chocolate coin) that we bought on our beer and burger resupply earlier the same day.